Introduction to Section 1 : General Information

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Introduction to Section 1 : General Information

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Section 1 : General Information

Section 1 is asking for information regarding Program Type (and any program options), Governing Organization, Nursing Education Unit, Nurse Administrator, and State Regulatory Agency Status

Program Types and Options
The Annual Report comes pre-populated with your particular ACEN-accredited program(s) already selected. We ask that everyone review the listed program type(s), and, should there be ANY discrepancy, DO NOT begin the Annual Report. And please notify us immediately either by emailing or calling (404) 975-5000.

Provided that the program type(s) listed are in accordance with the programs that are accredited by ACEN, you are free to proceed.

Program Options (if applicable)
If your program(s) include either Baccalaureate, Master’s, or Master’s/PMC, you will be responsible for selecting the appropriate choice for the options available related to pre- and/or post-licensure.

Please select the appropriate choice that most closely aligns with the offered Program Option(s). You will be able to select only one (1) choice of offered options per program type.


Governing Organization

Governing Organization is defined as:
The institution with overall responsibility and authority for a nursing education unit (NEU) and a nursing program (e.g., university, college, hospital/medical center, career center).

Enter the name and demographic information for the governing organization as requested.

Please note that the Governing Organization is the institution that houses/governs the NEU (typically, the name of the overall college or university that offers the nursing program through the NEU). The Governing Organization is not a national or state accrediting agency or regulatory body.


Nursing Education Unit
Nursing Education Unit:
A unit within a governing organization that offers one (1) or more nursing programs.

Enter the name and demographic information for the nursing education unit. Do not enter the name of the nurse administrator here. The address in this area should reflect the physical address of the primary nursing education unit office. Include the website for the nursing education unit or program here.


If your governing organization has more than one (1) nursing education unit accredited by the ACEN, each NEU should have received a separate Annual Report to complete. Only enter the information for one (1) Nursing Education Unit per Annual Report.

** NOTE **
If your governing organization has two Nursing Education Units and you have only received a single Annual Report to complete, please contact Corwyn Bellavich at the ACEN either via email at or by calling (404) 975-5000

Nurse Administrator
Nurse Administrator:
The nurse with responsibility and authority for the administrative and instructional activities of a nursing education unit and nursing program(s) within the governing organization (e.g., dean, chairperson, director, etc.)

Enter the name and demographic information for the current nurse administrator. The address listed should reflect the primary physical address where the nurse administrator’s office is located. The email address provided should be the email address used to receive all ACEN-related correspondence.


State Regulatory Agency Approval Status
If there has been a change in status of any ACEN-accredited program with your state regulatory agency for nursing, select “Yes” or “No.”


If you have selected “Yes,” you will have the option to select the “Program Type(s)” that experienced the change—mark all that apply. Then mark if the change was reported to ACEN by selecting “Yes” or “No.”


Note: If you have had one (1) or more programs that experienced a change of regulatory approval status prior to the completion of this report and are unsure if it has been reported, select “No” and Please refer to Policy #14 for information on reporting this change immediately and email if you have any questions.

Corwyn Bellavich
Operations Coordinator
Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing

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